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In life, there are few situations that are scarier and more life altering than being arrested and charged with a serious criminal offense. As a result of this situation, you may be looking at a criminal record, public/family embarrassment, getting rejected from job opportunities and/or many years behind bars.

The Balaguera Law Firm strives to protect the rights of the accused with an aggressive, thoughtful, and intelligent legal strategy. If you are accused of committing a criminal offense, no matter how major or minor the offense may be, it is important you attack your case early and aggressively. If you decide to wait too long to hire an attorney, it is possible you have lost the opportunity of preventing the prosecutor from filing criminal charges against you.

A Passion For The Justice You Deserve

The Balaguera Law Firm has a passion for defending the rights of the accused and upholding the sacred rights the constitution bestows upon us. Whenever you are arrested, whether you are guilty or innocent, you will be forced to defend yourself and to fight the charges filed against you.

When you hire The Balaguera Law Firm your case will be carefully reviewed, analyzed, and evaluated to determine how to best proceed and defend you. Each case is given the careful attention it deserves and all options are looked at before moving forward.

When worried about your case, it is one thing to call your attorney and another thing to reach your attorney. We offer free consultations and payment plans suitable for all needs.

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