Violation of Probation

Providing You With The Proper Defense When Faced With Violation of Probation Charges

The Balaguera Law Firm, P.A. strives to serve its clients with the best defense against violation of probation charges. Mr. Balaguera has handled thousands of criminal cases and has represented hundreds of people charged with violation of probation. Sometimes when settling a case instead of taking the risk of going to trial, people charged with a crime(s) are placed on probation as part of their sentence. A person can be placed on probation for misdemeanor offenses (DUI, Domestic Violence, etc…) and for serious felony charges as well (Felony Drug posession, Aggravated Assault etc..) Any time a person is placed on probation, they must follow a set of strict terms and conditions.

If these terms and conditions are not followed, a warrant will be sent out for your arrest. Unlike most criminal charges, you are not entitled to bond or any form of release if you are accused of violating your probation. As a result, if you have been arrested for violation of probation, it is critical that you get immediate legal representation from a skilled Probation Violation defense lawyer.

Are violations of probation defensible? Absolutely. However, with violation of probation cases, time is of the essence. If you are aware that you have violated probation and that you have a warrant for a probation violation, it is crucial that you contact The Balaguera Law Firm, P.A. to take action to assist you in fighting to avoid being taken into custody.

The Balaguera Law Firm, P.A. will make sure every available defense is looked into and is considered. We are known for our aggressive, persistent, creative, and comprehensive approach to defending our client's cases. The Balaguera Law Firm, P.A. also strives to provide excellent service to its clients. The Balaguera Law Firm, P.A. firm understands that its clients are worried about their cases and have many questions. As we learned in grade school, no question is a stupid question. We understand that our clients face an enormous amount of pressure and are worried about their futures.