Sex Crimes

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An allegation of sexual battery or any other sex crime offense can ruin a person's career, reputation, and life. Sex Crimes offenses are a serious matter and should not be taken lightly. Throughout his career, Mr. Balaguera has successfully defended clients against Sex Crime related charges. If you fail to properly and effectively challenge a sex crime offense, you may end up with being labeled as a sexual offender/predator and/or receive a lengthy jail sentence. More specifically, depending on the offense, you may end up going to prison for the rest of your life. Essentially, your life will be drastically and dramatically altered beyond your wildest nightmares. The Balaguera Law Firm, P.A. is knowledgeable on all types of Sex Crime offenses and can provided skilled assistance and legal representation.The Balaguera Law Firm, P.A. will look into whether the law allows the Government to charge you with a sex crimes offense and various other defenses or defense arguments.

The Balaguera Law Firm, P.A. will make sure every available defense is looked into and is considered. We are known for our aggressive, persistent, creative, and comprehensive approach to defending our client's cases. The Balaguera Law Firm, P.A. also strives to provide excellent service to its clients. The Balaguera Law Firm, P.A. firm understands that its clients are worried about their cases and have many questions. As we learned in grade school, no question is a stupid question. We understand that our clients face an enormous amount of pressure and are worried about their futures.