False Allegations

The Balaguera Law Firm Is Here To Back You

False allegations combined with an aggressive prosecutor who believes anyone who is titled as "victim" can be devastating to someone who is innocent. Such an allegation can ruin someone's career and life. False allegations pushed by greed, jealousy, a broken heart, having the advantage in a divorce, child custody, and/or alimony proceeding, immigration consequences up to and including deportation, mental illness/instability, possessiveness, loss of control, and dozens of other ill-motived based reason can lead to the destruction of your life as you know it. This happens in cases of domestic violence, sexual abuse, child abuse or other incidents in which a person falsely claims that another person injured them, stole something, was stalking them or was responsible for a violent attack of some type. Facing false allegations is frightening and rightly so – you could still be convicted of a serious crime that you did not commit. In cases of being accused of a crime that you did not commit, it is crucial that you contact the The Balaguera Law Firm, P.A.

When falsely accused with a serious crime, whether it is misdemeanor theft, domestic violence or murder, if your case is handled poorly or without the right touch, you may end up as an innocent man going to prison for something you did not do. The Balaguera Law Firm, P.A. aggressively pursues and attacks all false allegations with a variety of effective and previously successful techniques.