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Generally speaking, when someone fails to appear for a scheduled criminal court date, the judge will issue something called a bench warrant. It may also mean that criminal charges have been filed against you. Other reasons include but are not limited to, failure to appear for jury duty, failure to show up for a deposition/trial/court hearing in which you were properly served with a subpoena, and other reasons where you it is alleged that you may have violated a court order. A bench warrant is a matter to be taken very seriously. If not, the police can arrest you and take you to jail at any time and/or at any place. Getting arrested in front of friends, co-workers, relatives, your spouse, your children, and/or other members of the public can be very embarrassing and traumatizing. Furthermore, it is possible that you may have to spend the night in jail or possibly days, weeks, or even months until you enter a plea bargain or are exonerated during trial.

Throughout his career, Mr. Balaguera has successfully defended many clients that had a bench warrant hanging over their head. Once you are made aware of a warrant for your arrest, it is important that you contact The Balaguera Law Firm to obtain representation as soon as possible.